Call 911 if this is a life threatening emergency
- Augusten Burroughs
Think of your head as an unsafe neighborhood; don't go there alone.
- Laura Hugs
"Hoy terapia de amor; no hay nada mejor que hablar con alguien que tiene un lado emocional en tu vida"
- Douglas Horton
"The person who removes a mountain begins by carrying small stones"

Thank you for checking out my website. Are you experiencing constant worry and anxiety, or are feeling irritated and frustrated more than usual? When people experience high levels of stress, everyday problems and uncertainties, experienced a very scary situation in life (like a traumatic situation), daily life can feel difficult and lonely.  Sometimes, it may help to talk to friends or family, but other times, it may be difficult to do so because you might feel afraid or uncomfortable to do so and you don’t want them to know. This is why psychotherapy can help!

As a psychologist, my goal is to help you and remain neutral, objective and non-judgmental.

My clinical work is focused on working with oppressed social groups, sexual and gender minorities, and marginalized individuals through a culturally informed approach.  

Life has its ups and downs , and sometimes we need a “gentle push” to get back on track. Engaging in therapy is an investment that only you can decide to engage in when you decide that you are ready for change.

I invite you to check out the site to learn more about therapy. If you find that my approach resonates with you and what you are looking for in a psychologist, give me a call.

Helpful Tips

  • Verify your benefits with your insurance company
  • Is Jose Guerra in network?
  • What is your copay?
  • Do you have a deductible?
  • Do you have a coinsurance?
  • Are you limited with the number of sessions?
  • Working with an “in-network” provider is usually less expensive than “out of network.”
  • Ask questions! Lots of them if you need to!

Are you experiencing constant worry, anxiety, fears, get irritated and frustrated more than usual? We can work together by providing tools for you to live better.


During the first appointment, an assessment will be conducted to gather information about your needs and strengths, symptoms and reasons that led you to seek therapy and general goals for treatment. This session will also allow you to ask any questions and concerns about the process of therapy. It is also a great opportunity to see if a therapist is able to help or if referrals would be recommended to other providers who can better meet your behavioral health needs. *this is a brief summary of the structure of sessions and will be modified as clinically appropriate. *

During the second appointment, based on the information that was gathered during the first visit, a treatment plan will be discussed and collaboratively you and a therapist would work on developing specific objectives to help you meet your therapeutic goals. Interventions will be discussed and begin to work on your goals. *this is a brief summary of the structure of sessions and will be modified as clinically appropriate.*

During the third and ongoing sessions, typically there will be a brief check-in, review of any goals or homework from the previous session, explore any obstacles, and collaboratively work on developing an agenda in each session to better utilize the therapeutic hour towards achieving your mental health goals. Once you are meeting your goals or have met your goals, there will be a discussion on working towards ending therapy services and developing a relapse prevention plan. *this is a brief summary of the structure of sessions and will be modified as clinically appropriate.*

Speak The Truth Even If Your Voice Shakes - Maggie Kuhn

Call to make an appointment: 818-770-6147

When people experience stress, issues, or everyday problems, worry, anxiety and uncertainty, holding onto a ‘secret’; or just feel irritated by others, become upset easily, lately have been having difficulty being around people or situations, or experienced a very scary incident, often referred to as a trauma, talking to a psychotherapist such as myself can be healing and productive towards your journey to well being. The therapy process is a valuable investment for you and your loved ones. As a psychotherapist, I remain neutral, objective and non-judgmental.

As a practicing psychotherapist in Los Angeles, CA, I have worked with individuals who often feel ‘stuck’. Sometimes, anxiety or sadness gets in the way. My experience has been in working to treat a combination of symptoms, specifically trauma (s). My work is focused with people of color (POC), underserved and mariganized individuals, LGBTQ individuals, life adjustments, cultural and acculturation issues, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and other types of traumatic events (i.e. car accidents, sudden loss, childhood trauma). I hope to be able to walk with you in your journey to finding hope and healing.

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