When individuals experience depression, it is often unexplainable and difficult to verbalize to yourself and to others. Different factors such as genetics, environment, life events, also, can [...]


We all have a very diverse background. For some, families immigrated from another country, moved from the East coast to the West coast (U.S.). Some individuals grow up in a blended family system. [...]


An affirmative psychotherapy approach reassures you that we will work together to self love and self compassion. No labels or traditional normative expectations are acceptable during our [...]


Imagine an alarm clock. This alarm clock goes on and off at the time you have set it to do so. However, at one point, either because something happened in your life, genetics or environmental [...]


Think about the four seasons in the year: Spring, summer, winter, and fall. The four seasons in the year to which we have to adjust to everyday. There are unexpected changes in life.  And, there [...]


Everyone has different experiences in life. Sometimes it is a good experience and other times, it is not. When we experience scary and stressful situations such as sexual abuse, domestic [...]