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Think about the four seasons in the year: Spring, summer, winter, and fall. The four seasons in the year to which we have to adjust to everyday. There are unexpected changes in life.  And, there are those times when we say “but it’s still fall, why is it raining?” Or (in Southern California), “it is winter, it is supposed to be raining and be cold, why does it feel like summer?”  We learn to adjust with situations that are out of the norm. And sometimes we just get “stuck” and this is when we might begin to feel unhappy, “bleh”, melancholic, sadness, isolated and you might begin to question your decisions and choices; most of these questions are expected. The issue becomes when we get “stuck” in one of the four seasons and have difficulty adjusting throughout.

Some examples of life adjustments can be, but not limited to:

  • Divorce
  • Separation
  • Marriage/ partnership/ commitment ceremonies
  • A new baby
  • “Empty nest”
  • Going to college
  • Moving
  • New job

The good news is that it is temporary and “it too shall pass”.  As your therapist, we can work together to find ways to prepare, adjust and adapt to life changing events.

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