Call 911 if this is a life threatening emergency

Everyone has different experiences in life. Sometimes it is a good experience and other times, it is not. When we experience scary and stressful situations such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, a car accident, a sudden loss, a humiliating event, your mind and body will do what it needs to do keep you safe, this is fight or flight. The body freezes to keep you safe or fights and runs to keep you safe. The intense level of emotions are trapped in your body and mind.

The human mind eventually develops symptoms, known as emotional and psychological symptoms, and in some cases, psychosomatic symptoms (your body holds the tension and stress and then manifest through pain).

Common emotional and psychological symptoms that are experienced can be anything from:

  • being fearful for unknown reasons
  • nightmares
  • trouble sleeping and often waking up at night
  • feeling as if you are not in your body
  • recurrent thoughts of the event that happened to you
  • feelings of guilt and helplessness
  • self blame (“It is my fault,” “If I would have …”)
  • anxiousness and nervousness
  • worry

Possible psychosomatic (body symptoms) symptoms:

  • back pain and tension
  • headaches
  • tiredness
  • shakiness
  • trembling
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